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Why need our equipment?

The evolution of the telecommunications in the world and the growing competition in the market have taken the International Simple Resale Traffic (generally known as ByPass or Landing) to a fast growth. The ISR is the type of telephone fraud that is recently generating the greatest losses for the operator companies. Ignoring the international treaties between the telephonic companies, a long distance call is diverted and introduced to a local network using private resources.

With the experience that has been acquired through the years working with different products to prevent international traffic fraud, Cibertec has developed a wide range of high technology products for the telecommunications industry that permits corrective actions to be taken in case of detection of ISR.

Revenue Assurance

Surveillance and Control
of other Telcos

Service Platform

The star products are the "ITSS" (International Telecommunication Surveillance System); "SCOT" (Surveillance & Control of Other Telcos); and the "STM1 SYSTEM", the latest in technology, all it is has been developed to prevent different types of telephonic fraud in long-distance international services and to assure Telephone Operator's incomes around the world. This system, completely designed by Cibertec Internacional S.A., runs under a networking platform.

Our main products