Dialed Digits Storage Register Interface Unit RDTMF

Cibertec's Interface Unit for the dialed digits storage register (RDTMF-II) is an intelligent, electronic, modular equipment that is directly installed over the dialed digits storage register in the Analogue Telephone Central Offices.

The RDTMF-II is a pulse and tone receptor. It is an autonomous and independent unit which permits to the dialed digits storage register; PENTACONTA (SESA), ERICSSON, NEC, SIEMENS, among others electromechanical central offices, to accept pulses or tones (DTMF) from the dialing subscriber.

The storage capacity of digits is increased to 24, thus allowing the telephonic administrations to fulfill the ITU-T E.164 recommendation that all switchboards and networks should have the capacity to handle telephonic international numbers with a minimum length.

Cibertec's new RDTMF-II board, in addition to the previous one, incorporates analysis of existing regional codes, avoiding route congestion when non-existing codes are dialed. The card system orders a busy tone to be sent to the subscriber or transfers the call to a recorded message.

When updating in EPROM, the RDTMF-II arranges an input command in order to commute simultaneously, all the registers data base of all the exchanges with the new codes.

Universal Operation

The RDTMF-II is universal and functions appropriately in whatever type of Electromechanic Telephone Switch, installed in the circuits of the dialed digits storage register.

Its proper functioning has been tested in the following switches:

Ericsson - ARF, Nec - NC, Siemens - ESK, CP and CPR, Pentaconta, Standard Electric - PC 32 PC 1000, Hitachi - C

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