GSM Antifraud Solution

GSM Overview

ISR (International Simple Resale) is the type of telephone fraud that currently accounts for the greatest quantity in losses. Ignoring the agreements between telephone companies, an incoming long distance call is deviated and introduced into your network as a local call.  This means that the international accounting rate per minute will not be declared and your company receives only the amount for a local call. According to statistical samples, between 40% and 60% of the total international calls received in your network are introduced by this manner. Taking this into consideration, it is simple to estimate the amount of annual losses in millions that this activity ultimately costs your company.

The GSM TF-6 is part of the EFMS Suite from Cibertec, used to detect the ISR fraud (International Simple Resale). It is a mobile rack that can be installed in any place where the GSM local signal has coverage.


It has the capability of connecting 6 GSM numbers of any SIM Card contract. The GSM TF-6 receives calls from international origins that have been automatically posted at your request. Cibertec offers a complete service of call bombardments. Different carriers, as well as calling cards, are used to generate the desired traffic. The GSM TF will report any local A numbers that appear in any of the international calls, producing a list of gateways used to introduce this traffic to your network.

Cibertec can provide this important detection unit, along with different fraud control solutions. The ITSS solution, for example, protects your company from internal fraud sources as well as other international fraud types. Or the OTSS, which protects you against your competitors that introduce international calls as local.

In conjunction with the other solutions, or alone, the GSM TF will deliver complete and friendly reports that detail the status of the fraud in your network and will keep a history of source changes.

The GSM TF is specifically designed for fraud targeted to mobile phones and will also be useful in cases where the local network does not provide Caller ID Service.

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