Programmable Automatic Dialing System (SMAP)

Technical Description

The programmable automatic dialing system (SMAP) has been designed to monitor and ensure quality of service of telephone networks by making and receiving test phone calls from and to different destination numbers without operator assistance, with the ability to process information both in real time and off-line, recording the timing of various events.

This platform can be adapted according to customer needs, which is very useful given the multiple configuration variants in the various telephone networks around the world.

Among the main features which make the system SMAP more flexible in its operation and functionality are:


  • WEB Access to information and configuration control in real time.
  • Storage in relational database.
  • Reporting System integrated and customized statistical summaries.
  • Registration time for each state of the call in milliseconds
  • Detailed call reports
  • Tone Detection specialized robots
  • Flexible scheduling of test calls
  • Sending and receiving of short messages (SMS)
  • Monitoring of PSTN lines in high impedance (HiZ)

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