Traffic Surveillance System


The most important phone fraud are currently being directed through the wholesale market of minutes "wholesale."

This market has easily contact with "carriers" and generate traffic with local distributors.

The Traffic Surveillance System of Cybertec (TSS) is placed at points of interconnection (POI) with competitors in the international connections of telephone exchanges and strategic points of the local network, allowing neutralize all these practices of fraud.

As a special feature of this equipment, fraudulent calls can be released in real time allowing immediate control action.

Surveillance and control of the following practices:

  • The landing of incoming minutes directly to the local network of a country, with "by-pass" of international services.
  • The statement from competitors such as international telephone traffic as Local telephone traffic, with the lowest cost of completion.
  • The re-origination of outgoing telephone traffic, from the premium destinations victimized company, forcing it to pay the interconnection fee, and subtracting its most profitable traffic.
  • The "carriers" Officers also make use of a third country to re-originate traffic to premium destinations, or to land traffic to a lower accounting rate.
  • Cellular companies have been invaded by "SIMBOXES" or arrangements of SIM cards connected to the Internet, V-sats, or dedicated lines to land network traffic directly into the cell without receiving the interconnection rate, or to transit to third countries , forcing businesses to pay international termination rates to an international supplier.

These practices take a percentage above 20% of the billing telecommunications companies.

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