Signaling Converters

System Overview:

Any Signaling-SS7 converter is a system develops to upgrade, with low cost, old analog exchanges and give them the capability to work with SS7 signaling.

Objectives to satisfy with the system:

  • Improve the billing by centralization
  • Develop a better fraud control
  • Extend the life expand of the analog systems and get ready for SS7
  • Complete CDR details
  • Reduced investment and ownership costs

Market orientation:

This system is oriented to those markets, where old exchanges still operational and the cost to install new one is unaffordable or not profitable for the telephone company.

Key Benefits:

With the converters your company will:

  • Recover the revenues.
  • Centralize its international billing.
  • Increase the life of its analog exchanges.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Have a better fraud control.
  • Upgrade its old regional network to very low price.

System Architecture:

The Converter is based on the combination of Cibertec own hardware design and client-server HW architecture. The information is collected from the analog trunks and converter to SS7 signaling using the HDLC-4M and de Channel Banks Boards develop by Cibertec.

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