Hardware and Software documents created and used by Cibertec solutions for customers in telecommunication networks:

Probe32This card is the interface of the PCM E1 trunks, it extracts information from signaling links (Data Links) and voice circuits.Brochure
ProbeSTM1This card allows extracting information from signaling and audio in STM1 links, both optical and electrical.Brochure
BK7Cibertec offers the BK7 system, which allows Telecom operators to perform real time release of fraudulent calls with minimal hardware not intrusive.Brochure
RTG“RTG” stands for Remote Traffic Generator. It’s a service that enables telephone operators to successfully detect and prevent fraudulent access on its networks.Brochure
SMAP The “SMAP” programmable automatic dialing system has been designed for control and to watch over the quality of telephone network service through incoming and outgoing telephone calls from different destination numbers, without the assistance of an operator. Brochure
Cibertec NGX Platform for SIP is a collection of embedded components designed for efficient packet acquisition and SIP VoIP protocol analysis. Brochure
(Cross Connect)
Using Hardware Cross Connect and RTX control software, real-time Interconnection can be made through simple commands. It’s functional for SS7 and DSS1 protocolsBrochure

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Demonstrative sample, operation and environment of applications used by Cibertec (The videos below do not represent a tutorial or user manual. Thus an adequate training is necessary, which Cibertec will provide to its customers):

Application that registers CDR, Pre-CDR, analyzes and determines, through rules, that fraudulent calls must be released, besides visualizing information in Web Brouser (Time, OPC, DPC, CIC …) of active calls in real time. View
BK7Application that controls the release of fraudulent calls based on rules. In conjunction with the CTRL Software, they complete the cibertec anti-fraud system. View
Tool, LinkASIPTool developed by Cibertec for maintenance and installation of in-site anti-fraud systems. (Probe Control) View
Tool, HDLCIPTool developed by Cibertec for maintenance and installation of in-site anti-fraud systems. (Data-links Control) View
Application for SIP that manages the capturing, analysis and configuration, as well as determining the rules for release of fraudulent calls (VoIP)View

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