TELCO Solutions

Fraud Control and Revenue Assurance Management


Protect revenues by controlling Telecom fraud. Releases fraudulent calls in Real Time.

It works on VoIP (SIP) as TDM (SS7, DSS1)

Telecom QoS System


Maintains the TELCO economic resources. Allowing visualize the network indices performance (KPI) in real time. Revealing faults or anomalies in traffic and guaranteeing of quality of service to subscribers.

CDR Data Analysis System


By means of tables, graphs, and statistics, due to our capture of CDR Pre-CDR, IP-CDR and other parameters in real time. We provide Benchmarking for your telecommunications in a better realistic way.

Real Time Cross Connect


This platform satisfies the need to concentrate Stand Alone or interconnect Real Time, both information and voice channels for multiple needs, to be capable of coupling institutional systems, through series of intuitive software commands.