Remote Traffic Generator (RTG)

The service is provided for the customer in remotely generated calls, programmed through a Web Administration Portal.

RTG Plus. When used in conjunction with Cibertec anti-fraud solution, it is possible to identify vulnerabilities in the network and prevent internal fraud.

Training for Fraud Identification

If you suspect that fraud in telecommunications traffic affects you, we help you find the solution:

Analysis, detection and control of Telecom fraud types.

Advice and identification of problems and their resolution in telecommunication environments (TDM, IP SIP)

Training in Cibertec Equipment Uses

Besides our training for your purchase solutions, we offer you:

Training in the environment of Databases, telecommunication networks (TDM, E1, STM1, SIP …)

Training in the use of additional Cibertec equipment and solutions upon warranty.

Cibertec support  and Services

Cibertec provides operational support (OSS) for TELCO.

Additional software and firmware updates for fixes upon warranty.

Maintenance for equipment and solutions of Cibertec International.

New feature implementation service (Prior Analysis) Post-Acceptance Test.